Assessment, Therapy, In Services and Workshops.


An assessment provides us with information about your child’s individual strengths and any areas of difficulty they may be experiencing with communication. This is a very important first step in the process of helping your child. We have a range of up to date assessment tools and take the whole child into consideration when considering their results and making recommendations.


Any areas of challenge identified in the assessment are targeted in regular speech therapy sessions. Those sessions may be based in the clinic, home, preschool or school. Our Speech Pathologists maintain regular contact with each child’s parents and also with their teachers (with parental consent). Only evidence based techniques are used in therapy to help your child reach his/her full potential.

Workshops and In-services.

Our Speech Pathologists are available to provide in-services and workshops about all aspects of communication and how it interacts with learning and development, skills, early intervention, school readiness.  

We work with children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulty with;

  • Speech sounds (e.g. lisps, unclear speech)
  • Putting words together to communicate
  • Understanding others
  • Following instructions
  • Language development (e.g late talking)
  • Behaviour
  • Speech fluency (stuttering)
  • Voice care
  • Reading, writing and spelling (language in print)
  • Reading comprehension
  • Accessing/understanding the school curriculum
  • Social communication and challenges with pragmatics
  • Exams – we assist with applications for special provisions in exams, such as for the HSC.

What to expect?

We start with an assessment. A thorough assessment yields information about your child’s individual communication strengths and weaknesses, from which an appropriate therapy plan is devised. The results of the assessment are documented in a full and comprehensive report for you to keep and share with his/her teachers or other professionals involved in their care. 

The therapy plan is formulated in collaboration with each child’s parents / caregivers.

Regular, consistent therapy plus home practice of therapy target areas is the most effective way to bring about success. 

Funding, Medicare and Private Health Funds

A GP referral is not required to access Speech Pathology services, so please feel free to call us to book in on 0499 150 333.

Medicare: Our Speech Pathologists are registered with Medicare and you may be able to access rebates under the Chronic Disease Management Plan if provided by your GP.

Private Health: Most health funds provide rebates for Speech Pathology so check with your health fund to confirm your level of coverage.

NDIS: Our Speech Pathologists work with children who have NDIS funding and are Self-Managed or Plan Managed.


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